Petr Hájek Architekti


realisation 1998-2001
1st place in an architectural competition in 1995 Certificate of Merit in the Piranesi Award for implementation in 2001 Award in the reconstruction category in the grand prix of the Czech Society of Architects in 2002
authors Sdružení architektů Hájek-Hlásek-Šépka
cooperation Vít Máslo, Jana Zlámalová
Horní náměstí
“The square is perceived as a large room or lounge with a centrally placed town hall, fountains and paving as a patched carpet on the floor.” Individual fragments of paving that make up the area of the square have been respected and left in their original locations. Brass strips weave through all fields like a golden ribbon and highlight the directions of the historical paving, while bringing the collage of various paving types together into a single entirety. The atmosphere of the square is further accentuated by the street furniture designed as room or interior items – the lamp, bench and informative model of the town.
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