Petr Hájek Architekti


authors Petr Hájek, Tomáš Hradečný, Jan Šépka, HŠH architekti
cooperation Jan Kolář, Helena Línová
The building object of the riding hall is designed as a multi-purpose space in which it is possible to create an exhibition hall, a lecture room, a concert hall, or a place to throw a party eventually. Considering the diversity of these programs and the historical value of the building, we have chosen a concept of inserting a separated object with an integrated technology for the different functional demands The inserted object enables us to create a technically suitable environment for the newly planned functions without affecting the structure of the historical building. The historical building of the riding hall will be renovated, eventually locally restored with all the architectually valuable elements. The new object consists of two parts- a moveable front part and a rigid body.The performers‘ cloakrooms, the technicians‘ room and the restrooms are placed in the objects‘ body. The moveable front part moves along the rails on the floor and as a portable screen defines the space for the particular program. This way we can set the proportions of the space and its acoustic parameters. ( Regarding the long reverbation time is the change of size and proportions the only effective solution.) The moveable front serves as a technicians’s space after being moved apart, and as a chair storage after being snapped back on the body. The floor consists of liftable rostrums. The rostrums allow to lift the stage, to elevate the scaffolding or to individually subdivide the floor during the exhibitions.