Petr Hájek Architekti


The house is situated in the picturesque Krkonoše village of Vitkovice, on a slope below the baroque church of St. Peter and Paul. It was built for two friendly families and is divided into two identical dwelling units. The geometry of the house, its location on the site and its materials were "generated" by a consistent transcription of the conditions for construction on the territory of the Krkonoše Mountains National Park. Rhomboidal shape of the tarain, has predetermined the shape of the ground plan and the geometry of the whole house. Single angle and shapespl fulfill the principle of geometric similarity.The house is divided into two equal halves and the view from each apartment is so limited. In order to ensure an equal view of both parts, mirrors are installed on the shutters. The mirror reflects the image of the landscape from the opposite sides.The house can be closed with shutters and reduced window heat loss.